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In the old Indian city of Kolkata, one game can be found in almost every corner – Football! The otherwise laidback leisurely city erupts in a fanfare of passion when it comes to football! And it is this that connects it with a land thousands of miles away – distant Africa. Every year hundreds of African youths come to Kolkata in search of livelihood and glory, fighting it out in its innumerable football fields, from the very popular local “khep” tournaments to the big league matches. These Africans have football in their blood, but their native lands are often torn with conflicts and economic crisis; and behind them are large needy families. So they come to Kolkata, leaving all that they loved behind and focusing solely on football. Here, a young African footballer is a Super Hero – prized for aggression and strength. Local agents fight to have them. But then, one must keep scoring goals. One bad match, and phone calls may stop. Or perhaps, one small injury by a nasty foul and the career can be finished.

Kromah is one such African youth, come to this city from Liberia. He comes to live with his fellow Liberians, who live together as one small community in Kolkata. With his family’s needs always nagging at his heart, Kromah knows he has to stay ahead, keep the money coming, go on being the super hero. And the struggle begins… Kromah finds a support in an Indian girl – Puja – who comes to live with him in their Liberian household and makes it her family. She knows Kromah will not be with her forever, but then, for whatever time there is, they carry on…

It is a journey of passion, rediscovery, compulsions of one’s love for family and the fight to an identity often at best rather uncertain. But then, maybe sometimes… football triumphs!

Director Tamal Chakraborty
Location India
Duration 28 min.
Genre Life / Human Interest
Air Date (JST) Mon., Jun. 25, 2018 *rerun
Mon., Apr. 16, 2018

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Tamal Chakraborty

Minji Ma


Tamal Chakraborty specialized in Editing from the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, a premier national film school of India. He later went on to Direction.
Born in Kolkata, Tamal had at an early age formed his theatre group where he started writing and directing plays. The film school had been a natural progression.
In his professional years, Tamal has held a strong position in the arena of filmmaking with his host of editorial works for major documentaries, as well as feature films. He has worked with significant national and international broadcasters like the National Geography Channel, NHK (Japan) and British Council. One of the first documentaries he produced was for NHK (Japan). Now he looks to carry on as Producer/Director.
He also teaches at the Calcutta University.


As Director –
• Truth Lies Beneath – Documentary / Asian Human Rights Commission & MASUM - 2005
• Mangrove Restoration in Sundarban, India – Short Doc / NEWS - 2017
As Producer –
• Fairytale Dreams – Documentary / NHK - 2008
As Editor –
• Adaa – Feature Film / Hindi (Music – A.R. Rahman) - 2006
• Khashi Katha – Feature Film / Bengali - 2012
• The Best Seller – Feature Film / Hindi - 2015
• My Brilliant Brain – Documentary / English / National Geographic Channel - 2007
• I was born in Delhi – Documentary / Bengali / NHK (Japan) - 2010
• I Am Janvi – Documentary / Assamese / NHK (Japan) - 2008
• 5 SCRIPTS 1 PLOT – Documentary / English / British Council & National Geography Channel - 2012

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