Bubble Family

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A wealthy family, once a real estate dealer in South Korea, lost everything with the Asian financial crisis in 1997. From the economically and emotionally dysfunctional family, their only child started to be ashamed of her parents. She distanced herself from them, eventually losing touch completely. Years later, she decided to return to her parents with a camera to find out if they could be a family again. But she is immediately engulfed into her parents’ financial problems; the landlord told them to move out from their apartment while they are still obsessed with the real estate and waiting for a jackpot to fix their problems. Can the apple fall far from the tree and can she fix the course of their family?

Director Minji Ma
Location South Korea
Duration 28 min.
Genre Self-documentary / Family / Life
Air Date (JST) Mon., Jun. 4, 2018 *rerun
Mon., Mar. 19, 2018

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Minji Ma

Minji Ma


Director Minji Ma was born in 1989. She graduated in Film directing from Korea National University of Arts and following master’s course in Documentary filmmaking. Her theme is ‘Space and Place in City’, especially how capital works and makes changes in the city. ‟Family in the Bubble”(2017) is her first feature film.


2009 Verbal life (Fiction)
2012 Apollo 17 (Fiction)
2014 A journal from Seongbuk (Documentary)

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