living without a country

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In spite of living on the edge of the world and getting trapped in an extra-ordinary situation, Kofur, an ordinary migrant laborer, longs so deep for an identity and human dignity he has been deprived of since the very moment of his birth.
In a very intimate and captivating way, the film uncovers the hitherto untold story of the incredible man and his family, who were born as no-citizens in one of the world’s last stateless lands stuck in limbo on the borderland between India and Bangladesh for decades, and denied the most fundamental right to belong to any country, state or nation.

Yet, despite getting caught in such an absurd predicament, they keep striving against their marooned destiny and desperately chase their long cherished dream for citizenship against all possible odds. The film traces their drive for an ‘identity’ in a time of historical transition from exclusion to inclusion – from being an illegitimate, excluded ‘other’ to becoming a legitimate, empowered ‘citizen’ of the largest democracy in the world for the first time in their life.

Director Debanjan Sengupta
Location Bangladesh / India
Duration 28 min.
Genre Human Interest / Social Issue / Geopolitics
Air Date (JST) Sat., Dec. 22, 2018 *rerun
Mon., May 7, 2018 *rerun
Mon., Mar. 5, 2018

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Debanjan Sengupta

Debanjan Sengupta


Debanjan is an independent documentary filmmaker based in Kolkata, India. He started his career as a TV journalist and catching up on his lifelong interests and concerns, he has been involved in making Short Documentaries and Fictions since 2000.

Over last 10 years, he has produced and directed a diverse range of factual television programs on current affairs and short documentaries on relevant contemporary political, social, environmental and cultural issues for Indian as well as international broadcasters. For the last decade he also worked in a few international documentary projects as Director, Co-producer, Writer and Cameraperson.


2011 Soliloquy
2010 Monologue
2009 Citizen (In)Visible
2008 101 Shots on Tea
2007 And There Was Silence
2006 An Unknown Bird Inside A Cage
2005 Haloin’ Images
2003 Bury me under the Tulsi tree
2000 Death of a green myth

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