Two Flags

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'Two Flags' chronicles the life and politics of a quaint French town called Pondicherry in South India. As the 6000 Tamil French people belonging to the Tamil ethnic community, gear up for the French Presidential elections of 2017, the film explores the idea of state, citizenship and home in the post colonial era. ‘Two Flags’ seeks to unfurl, in all its complexity, the intrinsic duality that defines a unique community, through a visual and aural exploration of its routines. The Tamil French community does not necessarily share the same religion, language, customs, history, or indeed ethnicity of their country of citizenship: France. Although entitled to all the benefits of French citizenship, they reside in India, over which France (their government) possesses no sovereignty. In India they are resident aliens. Although they may migrate to France freely, cultural and familial attachments keep them in India. They are outsiders in both India and France.

Director Pankaj Rishi Kumar
Location India
Duration 28 min.
Genre Society / Politics / Life
Air Date (JST) Mon, Jul. 17, 2017
Mon, Sep. 18, 2017 *rerun

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Pankaj Rishi Kumar

Pankaj Rishi Kumar


After graduating from the FTII Pune, India, in 1992, with a specialisation in Film Editing, Pankaj was assistant editor on Sekhar Kapur's ‘Bandit Queen’. After editing numerous documentaries and TV serials, he made his first film KUMAR TALKIES in 1998. Subsequently, Pankaj has become a one-man crew producing, directing, shooting and editing his own films. (Pather Chujaeri, The Vote, Gharat, 3 Men and a Bulb, Punches n Ponytails, Seeds of Dissent, In God’s Land). His films have been screened at film festivals all over the world. He has won grants from Hubert Bals, IFA, Jan Vrijman, AND (Korea), Banff, Majlis, Sarai and Pankaj was awarded an Asia Society fellowship at Harvard Asia Centre (2003). He is an alumnus of Asian Film Academy (Busan) and Berlin Talents (2016). Pankaj also curates and teaches. Pankaj has just finished his maiden screenplay. He is currently working on two feature length documentaries in Pondicherry.


Director, Cameraman, Editor and Sound Design: In God’s Land (70 min, 2012)
Director, Cameraman, Editor and Sound: Seeds of Dissent (50 min, 2009)
Producer, Director, Camera, Editor and Sound: Punches n Ponytails (76 min, 2008)
Producer, Director, Camera, Editor and Sound: 3 Men and a Bulb (74 min, 2005)
Director, Camera, Editor and Sound: Gharat (DV, 40 min, 2004)
Producer, Camera, Director, Editor and Sound: THE VOTE / Mat (70 min, 2003)
Director, Camera, Editor and Sound: The Play Is on... / Pather Chujaeri (44 min, 2001)
Producer, Director and Editor: Kumar Talkies (16mm, 76 min, 1999)

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