A Man with 12 Wives

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MD Raya was village chief of Waiha for 32 years, exactly as long as Soeharto, Indonesia's notorious dictator. But he is not only famous for that. He is also famous for having 12 wives. Used to living an excessive life for many years, now he has to change. Since he had to stop being village chief because of old age, his wealth decreases...excessively. How does he survive his old age?

Director Tonny Trimarsanto
Location Indonesia
Duration 28 min.
Genre Family / Life / Human Interest
Air Date (JST) Monday, March 13, 2017
Monday, June 26, 2017 *rerun

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Tonny Trimarsanto

Tonny Trimarsanto


Tonny Trimarsanto is a film director and film workshop facilitator. Many of his documentaries were shown in film festivals across the globe and have also won several awards. Serambi, his first docu-feature film selected in the section Un Certain Regard at Festival De Cannes 2006.


The Plastic Pottery, 2002
The Dream Land, 2003
I Will Sapardi Joko Damono, 2004
Roedjito, 2004
Serambi, 2006
Our Beloved Mother, 2006
Mother's Tears, 2007
Renita Renita, 2007
In The Shadow of Flag, 2008
Egg Chicken and Where's Mr Kelly, 2008
Island for Sale, 2009
My Eartgh, 2010
It’s a Beautiful Day, 2011
The Mangoes, 2012
Walking to The West, 2013
Last Upper and The After, 2015

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