Back to the Land

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Feeling unfulfilled with life in the city, Itaru Watanabe quit his safe corporate job to follow his dream of opening a bakery in rural Japan. Risking it all, Itaru moves with his family to Chizu, in one of the most depopulated areas of Japan. The ageing town is desperate for new blood and welcomes the family. But life in the countryside is difficult, and success is elusive. He writes a book that becomes a hit with young urbanites that dream of a better life beyond the corporate rat race and start flocking to his bakery. Will Itaru find success in Chizu and help revitalize the battered economy of Japan's countryside?

Director Luis Patrón
Location Japan
Duration 28 min.
Genre ​Rural Issue / ​Environment / Economy
Air Date (JST) Mon, Nov. 20, 2017 *rerun
Mon, Feb. 20, 2017 *rerun
Mon, Oct. 31, 2016


Luis Patrón

Luis Patrón


Born in Mexico in 1972, Luis produces and directs documentaries and news reports for networks and organizations around the world. NHK, Al Jazeera, VPRO, the Wall Street Journal, and the United Nations, have all acquired his works. With a uniquely creative approach, Luis explores a variety of subjects in the fields of science, technology, nature, wildlife, culture, and contemporary Japan.


Hungry for Bugs?, 2015
Girl Under the Sea, 2014
Black for life, 2011
Voices of the Chichinautzin, 2007

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