Rising From Silence

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Dialita is a choir group that is singing songs that have been silenced for more than 50 years. Members of the choir are survivors, family members, and supporters of those who have been prosecuted during Indonesia's purge against communism starting in 1965. This campaign has imprisoned, tortured, and killed hundred of thousands people who are associated with communism. This year, the choir group is recording and launching an album with young musicians with an aim to get young audience to recognize a dark part of Indonesian history, and to raise from fear and silence.

Director Shalahuddin Siregar
Location Indonesia
Duration 28 min.
Genre Culture / Human Interest / Politics
Air Date (JST) Monday, October 3, 2016
Monday, January 23, 2017 *rerun

About Director

Shalahuddin Siregar

Shalahuddin Siregar


Shalahuddin Siregar is a self-taught filmmaker. He learnt filmmaking from watching films. His passion in making a film does not come from the need for prestige; instead it is rooted deeply from his need to tell a story. He also enjoys writing and photography. Both his writings and the photos he taken are important mediums in revealing the stories he longs to tell. His first feature documentary “The Land Beneath the Fog won numerous awards, including Special Jury Prize from Dubai International Film Festival 2011. In 2013, Rolling Stones Indonesia magazine include 'The Land Beneath the Fog' as one of the best Indonesian films of the decade.


2011, THE LAND BENEATH THE FOG (Role Director / Director / Producer / Camera Person / Editor)
2005, 13 SEPTEMBER (Role Director / Researcher)

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