Man's Best Friend

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What do a working single woman, a retired couple, a company formed by ex-Sony engineers and a Buddhist priest all have in common? The AIBO robot dog, produced by Sony from 1999 to 2006. Sony discontinued support for the AIBO in 2013. Three years later, AIBO owners all around Japan, still love their AIBO and want to live out the rest of their days with them. This is a touching story about a group of very diverse people who are interconnected by robot dogs and working hard to keep them alive.

Director Ivan Kovac and Jeffrey Jousan
Location Japan
Duration 28 min.
Genre Culture / Human Interest / Tradition
Air Date (JST) Monday, May 30, 2016
Monday, Nov. 07, 2016 *rerun

About Director

Ivan Kovac and Jeffrey Jousan

Ivan Kovac and Jeffrey Jousan


Ivan Kovac and Jeffrey Jousan have been working together since they first journeyed up to the Tsunami Disaster Area in 2011 to film "Then and Now". Man's Best Friend is Ivan and Jeffrey’s first film outside of the 2011 disaster area.

Ivan is a graduate of the Sydney Film School. In 2008 he began working in the film industry in Japan and has both directed and done cinematography for Feature Films, Documentary, and commercials.

Jeffrey was born and raised in New Jersey, USA, and has enjoyed a 30-year career in audio and video production. He wears many hats, including producer, cameraman, sound designer, engineer, interpreter and translator. The March 2011 disaster prompted him to put all of his skills to work in producing a series of compassionate and inspiring documentaries in which he trains an intimate lens on each of his subjects.


Then and Now, 2012
Women of Fukushima. 2012
Ishinomaki One from Zero 2013
Alone In The Zone, 2014
Tohoku Laughing 2015

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