The Last Factory

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‘The Last Factory’ is the story of a textile district in its twilight years, the only soviet style industrial area remained in the western region of China. It follows the lives of a textile worker’s family, the Xiang, whose struggling to adapt in the midst of a rapid redevelopment. As the factory searches for a new path in China’s economical transition, the last generation of workers hope to keep their family in harmony through traditional values.

Director Wang Yang
Location China
Duration 28 min.
Genre Social Issues / Modern History / Human Interest
Air Date (JST) Monday, September 26, 2016 *rerun
Monday, April 18, 2016

About Director

Wang Yang

Wang Yang


WANG Yang is a social/political documentary filmmaker from Xi’an, China. He has directed three independent feature documentaries focusing on the social changes in China from the young generation’s perspective. Wang Yang is also the co-funder and editor of “YOUTH FILM HANDBOOK”, which is an established Chinese language film critic magazine, now running in its 4th edition.
His previous documentary “China Gate” has been selected from International Film Festivals such as Leipzig, DMZ, and Zagreb Dox.


Transition, Space, 2007
Sound of Silence, 2008
China Gate, 2011
Weaving (In Post-Production), 2016

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