The Road

A highway is waiting to go through a quiet village in Hunan, a province in central China where Mao was from. Due to the high cost of construction, construction companies and migrant workers who live on road work rush to here like the tide. In the following four years, they root in this strange place for interests, paying sweat and blood, even their lives. With their arrival, local village and peasants are forced to change their lives. Many hidden interest lines and hidden rules about road construction of the nation are unveiled, together with the shocking truth and emerging secrets.

Director Zhang Zanbo
Location China
Duration 49 min.
Genre Social Issues / Human Interest
Air Date Sunday, January 31, 2016

About Director

Zhang Zanbo

Michael Goldberg


Zhang Zanbo is a Chinese independent filmmaker. He graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2005 with a Master’s Degree, and later established Asymptote Films. His works have been continuously focusing on individual dignities and living conditions in a fast developing China. He is also a freelance non-fiction writer. His non-fiction book has been published in Taiwan and Chinese mainland.


The Road (2015)
The Interceptor from My Hometown (2011)
A Song of Love, Maybe (2010)
Falling From the Sky (2009)
Righteous Flame (2011, short)

  • Director's Interview

    A friend had been working in road construction.
    He told me many stories and they astonished me.
    I've been interested in stories behind the rapid development of China.
    At that time, highway construction in Hunan province was really hot.
    It was meaningful to make a documentary about building a road.
    It could become a window to development in China.
    Audiences seemed to have been shocked by some scenes in my film.
    Behind the fast rising modern China the neglect of laws and regulations and the violation of human rights, dignity and lives are very common. Through this film, I've learned the truth and had unforgettable experiences.

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