We Repeat

Every 2nd Thursday of November, the entire country of South Korea is put to the test. That day, half a million senior high school students and exam repeaters take part in the National University Exam. But the exam isn't a regular school test. The test will be a pathway to obtaining a spot at a prestigious university and landing a job at a top-ranked corporation.
"We Repeat" tells the story of 2 exam repeaters, Hyunha and Minjun, to prepare the exam one more year. 10 months before the exam takes place, they live a life of strict routine. On an average day Hyunha gets up as early as 6 a.m. to study and arrives home well after midnight. Minjun enters a private remote boarding school and follows a spartan study schedule.

Director Wooyoung Choi
Location South Korea
Duration 49 min.
Genre Education / Social Issues
Air Date Saturday, January 30, 2016

About Director

Wooyoung Choi

Wooyoung Choi


Wooyoung Choi is a freelancer director and a member of Indie PD in Korea.
He has worked on more than 15 major television productions in Korea made for, sold to, Korean major broadcasters including KBS, MBC, EBS and TVN.
He directed his first 60-minute documentary, ‘Soul performance Gut', supported by KBI in 2007. In the process, he is named one of the prolific directors in television documentary.
Recent highlights include the documentary series, ‘Report in Samdong Elementary School for one hundred-eighty days (EBS)', which suggest the interactive learning and observe students' attitude for six months.
With Crossing Borders in 2010, he directs his first international documentary, ‘Here Comes Uncle Joe'.

  • Director's Interview

    It was such a challenge for us to focus on a whole year of the exam.
    Actually we visited more than 40 high schools for casting and contacted more than 10 private academies.
    We could get inside the schools luckily and finish the documentary well.
    It's such a tough process for students who just turned 18 and 19 years old.
    I thought that we should consider this issue in an educational aspect.
    I wanted to make a big mirror to reflect Korean society through the exam.
    I want to let people know where we live.
    Hope that this documentary will make people reflect themselves. .

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