The Priestess Walks Alone

"The Priestess Walks Alone" is about Anu, a Taiwanese woman. Anu is a mother, a grandmother, a lesbian and a friend to many. But to her daughter Hui-chen Huang, who filmed the story, Anu is mostly an enigma and a stranger. Anu's life is intrinsically tied to Hui-chen, but Hui-chen spent a good part of her life hating Anu for not providing her with a normal childhood. Now, Hui-chen needs to forgive her mom, and find out who Anu is.

Director Hui-chen Huang
Location Taiwan
Duration 49 min.
Genre Rural Issues / LGBT / Family
Air Date Sunday, January 24, 2016

About Director

Hui-chen Huang

Hui-chen Huang


Documentary filmmaker

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