Ruby Land

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Mogok in Myanmar, a valley surrounded by mountains, is a worldwide well-known as "Ruby Land", Gems Land where only limited foreigners can enter. What's like the gems trading in Mogok where its country has been locked for long time?
There's 3,000 mining businesses legally whereas plenty of illegal mining business. People are waiting with hope for the new government policy. "Ruby Land" captures different perceptions of different characters and their related mining business views in this transition period.

Director Shin Daewe
Location Myanmar
Duration 29 min.
Genre Politics / Urban
Air Date (JST) Monday, November 6, 2017 *rerun
Monday, June 27, 2016 *rerun
Friday, January 29, 2016


Shin Daewe

Shin Daewe


Shin Daewe began her film career as an assistant producer at AV Media at 1998. In 2006 she attended a workshop on making documentary film taught by various kinds of workshops and trainings at Yangon Film School. Since then, she has pursued making documentary films. Shin Daewe has made extraordinary progress as a filmmaker and exhibits a genuine flair for editing, directing and production management.
She directed more than 10 short documentary films and some are shown in international festivals. She got the best documentary award from Freedom film festival 2013 (Myanmar), Wathan film festival 2013 (Myanmar), Sliver award from KKIFF 2014 (Malaysia) and Wathan film festival 2014 (Myanmar)


2006 The Uninvited Guest (director)
2007 Beyond the Tsunami (director)
2008 An Untitled Life (director and editor)
2008 The Farmer Field School (director)
2009 A Bright Future (director)
2010 Learning to Live with HIV
2011 Robe (director)
2011 On Holiday (director and editor)
2011 The Bamboo Grove (producer)
2013 Take Me Home (director)
2013 Tires (producer)
2013 Now I am 13 (director)
2014 Dream of Field (director)
2014 Living in Harmony in Tamwe (director) 2015 Crossing the Barriers (director)

  • Director's Interview

    For the Myanmar people, Mogok has always been a place where dreams become reality.
    But these days... it seems the hope behind that belief is fading.
    People in Mogok are starting to work overseas.
    I made this documentary to find out what is happening here.
    When Aung San Suu Kyi's party won the election, most hoped it was the beginning of a new chapter.
    Mogok locals hoped the mining policy could be improved and they could benefit more from a transparent system.
    I hope the rule of law will be established properly.
    This will help create a fairer environment for everyone and solve many social and political problems.

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