Splendid, Sad Days

Woo-suk Yun has spent her life in a fishing village along the Suncheon Bay in South Korea. Married to an alcoholic man, she has no time for rest. She has to work twice as hard as the others to make a living by working in the fields, fishing and selling her catch. However when her husband passes away she’s crying for the first time in 70 years.
Beyond the beauty of the landscapes, Hongki Lee depicts the life of a woman who, going through a hard fate, accomplishes herself due to her work.

Director Lee Hongki
Location South Korea
Duration 49 min.
Genre Culture / Rural Issues / Family
Air Date (JST) Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015

About Director

Lee Hongki

Lee Hongki


Hong Ki Lee is a producer/director born in 1960. Lee has been producing and directing documentaries in Seoul, Tokyo,Paris although the subjects of his films are worldwide. Leeki Film is the production based in Seoul that Lee founded.


1996 MBC [Koreans, The story of a small society] (director)
1997 KBS Sunday Special [Man-Haeng(卍行)] (director)
2000 KBS Sunday Special [Dong-Haeng(同行)] (director)
2004 KBS Wednesday Special [Gong-Haeng(共行)]
2005 SBS Documentary Special [Cuba, Agricultural revolution] (director)
2006 KBS Special [Hong Gil-dong, A lost memory] (director)
2007 KBS -TVRI - JTV International joint project [Bali - The blue ocean of Asia] (director)
2008 KBS A big deal o f Agriculture(director)
2009 KBS Wednesday Special [A keyword to co-existence: Rukun] in production (director)
2010 EBS Special by the 20th anniversary of Japan-Russia normalization ofdiplomatic relations [Mi-Haeng(末行), Ten Chu - A North Koran defector's story ] (director)
2011 International joint project with Mongolian , Uzbekistan [Road, Human, Dream] (director)
2012 Documentary Film [0.23 μSv: Fukushima, Is there a Way Out ] (director)
2013 Busan International Film Festival (18th), Wide Angle - Documentary Showcase [Splendid, But Sad Days (順天) ] (director)
2014 Montreal World Film Festival (38th) - Documentaries of the World [Splendid, But Sad Days (順天)] (director)

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