Village of the Dolls

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After living in Osaka for many years, Ayano Tsukimi decided to retire and live the rest of her life in her hometown of Nagoro. Since she returned several years ago, the village’s population has declined. To fill the void, Ayano spends her time making life-size dolls in the likeness of the villagers who’ve passed away. Today, 350 such dolls dot the landscape, repopulating a once-thriving community that has now fallen silent. The eerie display of dolls has given the village a renewed reputation, which attracts scores of tourists year round. The film gives us a unique insight into one of Japan’s most serious social issues, an fast aging population.

Director Marie LINTON
Location Japan
Duration 28 min.
Genre Human Interest / Society
Air Date (JST) Saturday, February 28, 2015
Monday, May 23, 2016 *rerun

About Director




Born in 1980 in the south of France, Marie studied political science and journalism in Paris, Mexico and England. From 2004 to 2010, she covered social and judicial issues for French newspaper Le Parisien. She directed her first television documentaries in Cuba and Costa Rica, while working as a consultant for Reporters Without Borders. Marie was appointed as the Tokyo correspondent for France 24 in 2010 and has covered the aftermath of the March 2011 disaster.


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