Glimpse of Greatness

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David Lai is a music prodigy. At age three, he taught himself to play the key board. At age 13, David was one of only 16 students admitted to the best music school in China. He has played piano with the world famous pianist Lang Lang at China’s National Opera house and taught himself to speak English as a native English speaker. But Daivd is blind and his family is poor.
“Glimpse of Greatness” documents how David and his family overcome difficulties and continue pursing his dream of becoming a world class pianist.

Director Joy Le Li
Location China
Duration 28 min.
Genre Art / Minority / Family
Air Date (JST) Monday, February 23, 2015
Monday, May 16, 2016 *rerun

About Director

Joy Le Li

Joy Le Li


Joy Le Li is an independent filmmaker living in Beijing. She began making documentaries as a producer in New York city in 2005. She moved back to China in 2007 to document the rapid changes the country was undergoing. In 2009, Joy completed her first feature-length documentary about a group of Uigurs, a Muslim minority group in China's remote Xinjiang Province Joy's other documentary credits include work for HBO, NBC, NHK, ESPN and CBC, among others.
Born in China, Joy Le Li has lived, studied and worked in Japan and the US for 14 years. She is fluent in Chinese, English and Japanese and holds a BA from Yokohama National University and an MA from Columbia University in New York City.


2015 "Tycoons China"(Producer)
2015 "China: Faking it" (Producer)
2010 "Trash Inc: the Secret Life of Garbage" (Researcher)
2009 "Deserted Diggers" (Director)
2008 "Young&Restless in China" (Associate Producer)
2008 "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden" (Field Producer)
2006 "Engineering an Empire" (Coordinating Producer)

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