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Share your Cosplay pics or movies!!

If there's any manga, anime and game You want to know more about or any creator's you woould like to see on our show and of course if you would like to give us a comment about the show, we would love to hear from you.AND!! We also be delighted to receive a photo of you to include in the show.
If you have any photo doing cosplay or if you would like to introduce us your creation (manga, anime or game) you can also send us some short movies.
You can write to us and send a photo/movie using the form below.
Please be sure to include the name of the town and/or country where you watch the show and share on the imagine-nation website.
If you send a photo, please note that we can handle a JPEG, GIF, or BMP file no bigger than 2MB, and for movie,300MB.
For information on our handling of the personal information we receive from you, please see "Personal Information."
Thank you very much and please watch imagine-nation!!


In sending your pictures/videos, there are certain rules we would like you to observe, as described in the "RULES FOR SENDING YOUR PICTURES/VIDEOS" below. Please note that we will not check in each case or per each video if the rules are observed. When we receive the pictures/videos, it will be considered that you have understood and agreed to these rules.
Who can send the pictures/videos? There are no age restrictions, so basically, any person can send pictures/videos. But there are certain conditions as follows: No anonymous senders are acceptable, and the sender needs to be able to communicate with us in e-mails, as we may need to contact him/her in the course of our program production.
To send pictures/videos, the sender should agree to observe the "RULES FOR SENDING YOUR PICTURES/VIDEOS", which specify the conditions on the making of the pictures/videos and their rights.
If the sender is legally considered to be a minor in his/her own country/region, he/she needs to have the consent of his/her parent/guardian to send pictures/videos.
About Upload Form:
Please make sure that all the required sections of Upload Form are filled in. We can not accept pictures/videos if any required part of the form is left blank. A person who is a minor in his/her own country/region needs to check the appropriate box of the relevant section.


Basic Rules for Making and Sending Pictures/Video
(1) The content of your pictures/videos must be suitable for a large worldwide audience. We cannot accept any pictures/videos that might be antisocial and legally/ethically problematic or that might make viewers feel uncomfortable.
(2) Peoples of different ethnic origins, religions and beliefs are potential viewers of our services. We cannot accept the pictures/video that may be biased or prejudiced politically or religiously. Neither can we accept any pictures/video that may be associated with promotion or advertising for any particular group, company, goods, etc.
(3) The videos should be made in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country/region where they are made.
(4) The videos should not be libelous, defamatory or in violation or infringement of any other person's rights, including copyrights and privacy rights. Even if it is not intentional, sometimes the videos may hurt other people's feelings, so the utmost care and attention are requested in making and sending the videos.
(5) The agreements should be obtained from everyone involved in the contents and making of pictures/videos. If copyrighted material is used, for example, music, those who are copyright holders of the original songs, such as composers and writers, must give their consent to the showing and use (or possibility of such) of the pictures/videos in NHK's broadcasting service and other media as described in the below "8. Copyright and Other Rights".
When the pictures/videos are received by us, it is considered that such agreements have been duly obtained.
(6) There should be no factors that may cause troubles or disputes with any third party.
Please understand that we have no specific knowledge about how pictures/videos were made and sent. We request the senders to be fully careful and responsible for making and sending of their videos. In case any problem arises in relation to any third parties, it shall be the sender's responsibility to solve any such disputes. The sender shall compensate for any damage caused to NHK by his/her breach of rules.
Costs of Making and Sending Pictures/Video
The sender shall cover any necessary costs for making and sending videos.
Showing of the Videos
Showing of the pictures/videos to the world will take place in the following process:
(1) The pictures/videos received shall go through a selection by the production staff of imagine-nation.
(2) Selected pictures/videos will be broadcast on imagine-nation. Please note that shorter edited versions of the video may be broadcast due to restrictions in broadcast time.
Communication/Notification In principle, there will be no communication or notification to the sender concerning the broadcasting plan or about showing on the homepage of the sender's pictures/videos. However, the sender may be contacted by NHK if it is necessary for our program production, etc.
Your Personal Information Your personal information submitted in sending your pictures/videos will not be used for any purposes other than communication necessary for program production. For the details of protection of personal information by NHK, please view "NHK policy on Protection of Personal Information".
Editing of Video/Trimming of Pictures Due to time restrictions, etc., NHK may edit the video as necessary for broadcast or other purposes. There may also be a deletion or addition of text information in the videos. Pictures may have to be trimmed as well.
Acknowledgement NHK may decide at its own discretion not to show the name of the person who took the picture or the video's producer.
Copyright and Other Rights
(1) NHK understands and acknowledges that the copyright to the pictures/videos belongs to the producer(s) or the parties designated by such producer(s).,
(2) NHK shall have the right to keep the pictures/video for the purposes of below (3) and (4).
(3) NHK shall have the right, in perpetuity, to use all or part of the video sent, as well as all or part of the television programs which include all or part of the video, for the purpose of NHK's broadcasting activities and the promotion thereof, in: NHK's broadcasting and internet services (including non-downloadable VOD service); NHK's promotional activities, exhibitions, research and studies, etc.; entry of the program to domestic and international competitions, etc.; use in activities of a public service nature as determined by NHK; broadcasting of the program by other broadcasters in Japan and other countries/regions: events and other functions organized by NHK; and provision of the program to non-broadcast media, such as books, magazines, DVD, etc., in connection with NHK's broadcasting.
The uses in above (i) to (vi) can be made without any fee, while the compensation and other details for the use in (vii) shall be subject to a separate agreement with the sender.
(4) The above (3) shall apply also to the versions edited with the advices of professional creators under the above 3. (2).
(5) Please note that the right to any copyrighted materials used in the videos belong to the copyright holders of such materials, and uploading or showing the videos outside this imagine-nation project could be a possible cause of copyright infringement, for which the sender shall be responsible.
These RULES FOR SENDING YOUR PICTURES/VIDEOS are subject to revisions. Any revisions shall be immediately announced in this page.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These RULES FOR SENDING YOUR PICTURES/VIDEOS shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. If any dispute between the sender and NHK concerning this imagine-nation project results in a lawsuit, it shall come under the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court, depending on the size of the financial claim in such lawsuit.
If you agree to follow the rules and are ready to upload a pictures/videos, please click the "I agree" button below to jump to the upload page. (By clicking the "I agree" button, you have agreed to "RULES FOR SENDING YOUR PICTURES/VIDEOS".)

For information on NHK's handling of personal information, please view the "NHK policy on Protection of Personal Information".
If you agree to the "RULES FOR SENDING YOUR PICTURES/VIDEOS" press the "I agree" button.  

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We welcome your questions, comments and especially your requests which you want to broadcast in imagine-nation.