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Apr. 15, Mon.

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Cutting Part2: Octopus and Rapini with Egg Vinegar Sauce

Today's first dish is the octopus and rapini with egg vinegar dressing. This is a popular vinegary sashimi dish in Japan, and a perfect spring dish. Next dish is octopus and avocado caesar salad. The red octopus is outstanding in contrast to the pale greens. The avocado mingles with the caesar dressing, and it's so good!

Cutting Part2
Octopus and Rapini with Egg Vinegar Sauce

[Ingredients] *Serves 2

2 octopus tentacles, 150g in total
1 bunch rapini
Salt... to taste
Usukuchi soy sauce taste

Egg Vinegar Sauce
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp mirin
1 tbsp usukuchi soy sauce
Salt taste
1 tbsp rice vinegar
1. Slice the octopus by sazanami-cut, and score. Cut the rapini in half, blanch in salted water, and immerse in ice water. Lightly squeeze out the excess water, and sprinkle with usukuchi soy sauce for seasoning.

2. Combine the egg yolk with sugar, mirin, soy sauce and salt. Stir in the vinegar at the end. Stir well over a warm water bath until it reaches the consistency like mayonnaise.
Transfer into a bowl and cool in an ice bath to stop it from thickening further.

3. Mound the rapini and octopus, spoon the sauce on top, and it's done!

<For Arranging>
Octopus and Avocado Caesar Salad

[Ingredients] *Serves 2

2 octopus tentacles, 150 g in total
1 avocado (200 g)
1/2 lemon
2 leaves of romaine lettuce
Salt and pepper... to taste
3 tbsp grated mountain yam
50 g caesar salad dressing
1. Make deep cuts on the octopus and cut into chunks.
Cut the avocado into 2 cm cubes and sprinkle the lemon juice to prevent it from discoloring. Tear the Romaine lettuce by hand. Grate the mountain yam and mix with the caesar dressing.

2. Add the avocado, octopus, lettuce and mix. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, top with croutons as desired. Enjoy this variation of the octopus texture!