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Apr. 8, Mon.

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Cutting Part1: Tuna and Squid Sashimi Plate

Today's dish is sashimi with tuna and squid. Sashimi is the supreme form of Japanese cuisine. To achieve the simple beauty, there are many tips and techniques.
Thickly cut tuna and thinly cut squid are arranged on a plate. The sashimi is then arranged with decoratively cut fresh vegetables.

Cutting Part1
Tuna and Squid Sashimi Plate

[Ingredients] *Serves 2

200g lean tuna
100g sashimi-quality squid

Garnish ideas to your liking:
Daikon radish
Red radish
Boiled green asparagus
Shiso leaves

Chef Saito's special soy sauce
100ml soy sauce
1 tbsp sake
1 tbsp mirin
2.5g dried bonito flakes

Grated ginger
Grated wasabi
1. Cut the tuna into 1 cm thick straight slices. Score the inner side of the squid and cut into 2 mm thick strips.

2. Cut the daikon and carrot to resemble pieces of ice. Peel the cucumber into a long strip, roll it up and cut to resemble water droplets. Thinly slice the red radish and plunge it into ice water for 40 minutes. Quarter a spear of asparagus.

3. For the sauce, bring soy sauce, sake, mirin and dried bonito flakes to a simmer. Then skim and strain.
Arrange the fish and vegetables to resemble a mountain and a river.

<For Arranging>
Marinated Tuna Rice Bowl

[Ingredients] *Serves 2

200g lean tuna

2 tbsp ground sesame seeds
3 tbsp sake
3 tbsp mirin
3 tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp juice from grated ginger

400g cooked short-grain rice
Powdered nori, to taste
1. Blanch the tuna in boiling water for 5 to 7 seconds, and take it out when the surface becomes opaque. Dry well.

2. For the marinade, combine sake, mirin and soy sauce with sesame seeds and the juice from grated ginger and sesame seeds.

3. Thinly slice the tuna by tilting the knife. Place the slices in a single layer, pour the marinade over and let it sit for 2 hours.
Place the slices on top of the rice, sprinkle with powdered nori and it's done!