Medical Robotics for the World
 - Yoshiyuki Sankai
*This program was first broadcast on October 17

Medical Robotics for the World
Yoshiyuki Sankai

President & CEO, Cyberdyne

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Yoshiyuki Sankai is the CEO of Cyberdyne, a firm that is developing robotics for use in the field of medicine. One of its inventions is HAL, a wearable robot for people with disabilities.

The following are excerpts from our interview.

We love people, we love society, and we love technology. We grapple with society’s issues head on. We create the methods, that can solve these issues. And then we turn that innovative technology into new industry.

We’re always looking at the “exit.” We imagine what we want to do in the future and consider what we should be doing in the present to make that happen. We look at the problems of today as seen from the viewpoint of our desired future, and attempt to solve them.

If you just look straight in front of you, you won’t know if you’re heading to a better future. But if you start from what you think the future should be, then you’ll be headed in the right direction. To put it another way, the technology we make here in the present is going to determine the future. So that’s why you start by thinking about the future, then “backcast” to the present. You accumulate expertise one piece at a time. That’s our approach to research, and how we move forward as a company.

We have to make products that people are going to want, that they’re willing to pay an appropriate price for. We have to create things that are valuable.

I want the world to value Japan’s contribution. We can make an extremely big contribution with our cutting-edge medical technology. That’s what I believe.

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