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5 Services for Disaster Preparedness災害から身を守る5つのサービス

  • 1
    Notifications on Earthquake and Tsunami

    Install the app NHK WORLD-JAPAN. When the Japan Meteorological Agency issues a notification(warning/advisory) about a big earthquake or tsunami, you will receive it on your smartphone.

    アプリ「NHK WORLD-JAPAN」をインストールしてください。日本の気象庁から大きな地震や津波についてお知らせ(警報・注意報)が出されたとき、スマートフォンに通知が届きます。

    English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional)
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    Live News Coverage

    When a major disaster occurs, watch live news online on our website or app. English news is streamed with real-time subtitles translated into 6 languages by artificial intelligence.


    English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), French, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese
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    News Updates in Your Language

    You can read news in 18 languages on our website and app. In some languages, we deliver news via our social media accounts.


    English, Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese (Simplified), French, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, Urdu Vietnamese
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    Quick BOSAI Survival Tips

    You don't know when the disaster occurs. On the website BOSAI, you can learn how to prepare for a disaster in a quiz format. BOSAI is the Japanese word for reducing the risk of disaster damage.


  • 5
    Learning from Past Disasters

    You can watch the program "BOSAI: An Educational Journey." Learn from the past natural disasters Japan and the world experienced.

    「BOSAI: An Educational Journey」のビデオを、ウェブサイトで見ることができます。日本や世界でこれまでに起こった自然災害の経験に学びましょう。

    English, Chinese (simplified), Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese

Videos about Disaster Preparedness

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Learn Japanese日本語で話しましょう

NHK WORLD-JAPAN provides various Japanese lessons. Learn greetings and useful phrases. You can use some materials anytime by downloading them.

NHK WORLD-JAPANのウェブサイトには、いろいろな日本語のレッスンがあります。あいさつや、役に立つフレーズを覚えましょう。いくつかの教材は、ダウンロードしていつでも使うことができます。


Enjoy a variety of attractions of Japan's 47 prefectures through video and audio streaming service provided by NHK WORLD-JAPAN. Choose a place you want to go or see.

NHK WORLD-JAPANでは、ビデオや音声を通じて、日本の魅力を知ることができます。行きたい場所、見たい場所を選んでください。

Chinese-language service

"NHK Huayu Shijie" is a linear Internet service for the distribution of Chinese-language news and programs. Not only cultural topics and local attractions, disaster information is live streamed.



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