Music for Tomorrow in Fukushima

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It's been 5 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred... And in March 2016, musicians from around the world who have supported the recovery from the disaster perform with Japanese artists. Among those on stage are two-time Grammy winning jazz pianist Bob James, Brazilian hitmaker Sérgio Mendes and the Hawaiian group ManoaDNA. The performers are united by a commitment to making sure the Tohoku region is not forgotten. Tune in and watch the highlights from Fukushima Prefecture.

Sérgio Mendes

Aki Yashiro

Part 1: Rising Spirits

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Global hitmaker Sérgio Mendes heads Part 1 in collaboration with Aki Yashiro, a singer renowned throughout Japan. Young people from Fukushima also add excitement with a taiko drum performance. Uplifting music envelops the people of Fukushima, who have taken a new step toward the future..


Senri Oe

Junko Yagami

Part 2: New Ties

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There is a hugely popular Hawaiian-themed amusement center in Fukushima. After the disaster, it became the base for recovery support provided by Hawaiian artists. See performances by popular Hawaiian group ManoaDNA, Japanese jazz pianist Senri Oe and singer Junko Yagami, residents of the US who have been supporting recovery efforts. New ties are created between Hawaii and Fukushima!

Bob James

Kazumasa Oda

Part 3: To the Future

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The final part of Music for Tomorrow features a fabulous collaboration between Bob James and friends. His performance with leading Japanese singer-songwriter Kazumasa Oda is not one to miss. Bob James has written a new song of support for Fukushima's high school students who were forced to live in evacuation shelters following the accident at the nuclear power plant. High school students who are the future of Fukushima premiere the song.