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We are seeking broadcasting partners

NHK is looking for partners (FM/AM) that can rebroadcast NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN programs locally (excluding Internet-only radio stations). The partner stations can use RADIO JAPAN programs free of charge. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please see the specifics below.

How to receive

1Simultaneous rebroadcasting via satellite
Direct feed via Intelsat 19, 20, or 21. A setup for receiving C-band satellite signals is necessary.
2Via Internet
Audio materials are available on demand or on live streaming on the RADIO JAPAN website. Podcasting is also available.
3Via pre-recorded media (Compact Disc/DVD)
CDs and other media containing NHK programs are sent to the partner for rebroadcasting under certain conditions. These pre-recorded media are mainly used as a means of providing the “Japanese Lessons” program.


For the purposes of rebroadcasting RADIO JAPAN programs, radio partners are subject to the following conditions.

  • - NHK programs should not be edited or altered in any way and no parts deleted. Such programs will be provided in a form designed to be broadcast without modification.
  • - There should be no insertion of commercial advertising in NHK programs.
  • - NHK credit (an announcement acknowledging that the program was produced by NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN) is strictly required at the beginning and end of NHK programs.
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If you would like to enter into discussion on this partnership offer, please fill out the questionnaire to provide information about your radio station. We will get in touch with your contact person in due course.

Click here for questionnaire