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Putin to Visit Japan on Dec. 15th
JapanFriday, September 2

Putin to Visit Japan on Dec. 15th

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed to hold another summit, this time on December 15th. Putin will visit Abe's home prefecture of Yamaguchi in western Japan.

NHK learned from Japanese and Russian diplomatic sources that the 2 leaders reached the agreement at ongoing talks in Vladivostok on Friday. The sources say the next summit will be held in the city of Nagato, Abe's home town.

The last time a Russian president visited Japan for a bilateral summit and not for the purpose of attending an international conference was in November 2005, when Putin made a trip.

Abe is visiting the Russian Far East for 2 days. The summit with Putin began on Friday evening.

Government sources say Abe and Putin first met with a limited number of officials representing each side, but will be joined by others for more talks over dinner.

They say the 2 leaders may also opt for one-on-one talks with only their interpreters present, as they did at their previous summit in May in Sochi, southern Russia.

Abe is expected to discuss the details of an 8-point plan that he proposed to Putin in Sochi. The package calls for energy development and industrial cooperation in the Russian Far East.

Abe also plans to frankly discuss how the 2 countries should proceed with peace treaty negotiations, including the issue of 4 Russian-controlled islands claimed by Japan.

Japan and Russia did not sign a peace treaty after World War Two due to the dispute over the islands. The Japanese government maintains that the islands inherently belong to the country, and that they were illegally occupied after the war.