NY governor appeals for more ventilators

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has repeated his call for the US government to supply artificial respirators to help save lives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo told a news conference on Wednesday that no one ever anticipated such a large number of ventilators would be needed for intensive care.

In New York State, about 3,800 coronavirus patients were in hospital as of Wednesday, and 900 of them were in intensive care units.

Medical institutions in New York are said to have 4,000 ventilators. But Cuomo said up to 40,000 units will be needed if cases keep rising at the current pace.

Cuomo had asked the federal government and other parties to supply 30,000 ventilators. But only 400 had been provided as of Tuesday.

Cuomo also said his state could need up to 140,000 beds, while the current capacity is 53,000.

Event facilities and other locations are being converted into temporary hospitals to accept patients.

New York is also appealing to retired nurses and doctors to return to work.