US billionaire David Rockefeller dies at 101

Billionaire businessman David Rockefeller, the patriarch of the Rockefeller family, has died at 101.

A family spokesperson announced that he died of heart failure on Monday at his home in the suburbs of New York.

Rockefeller was born in 1915 in New York. He was a grandson of oil company founder, John Rockefeller.

He joined Chase National Bank, the predecessor bank of Chase Manhattan, in 1946 after graduating from Harvard University.

He'd served as chief executive officer of Chase Manhattan Bank from 1969 through 1981, leading the bank's strategy to expand overseas.

Rockefeller was also known as philanthropist, donating large sums of money to universities and museums.

He represented the US business community in meetings with a number of world leaders.

He was also known for his close ties with Japan.

In 1973, he founded a non-governmental group, Trilateral Commission, to foster closer cooperation among Japan, North America and Europe. The group made political recommendations for the government of each country.

He invited Japan's Emperor and Empress to his estate in the suburbs of New York, when the imperial couple visited the US in 1994.