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Earth rotation
Walking Domo


About Domo

Domo made his debut as a mascot for NHK in December 1998. His success beyond Japan led to his nomination in May 2014 as NHK ambassador to the rest of the world. He appears in a series of short animations associated with specific content aired on NHK WORLD TV, and takes part in special events.

Fortune Domo


Win a wallpaper when Domo's 3 poses match up !

What does “domo” mean ?
The word domo is an essential part of everyday conversations in Japan. It’s often used in combination with other words, such as domo arigato (thank you), domo konnichiwa (hello), or domo sumimasen (excuse me). When used by itself it can mean any of these greetings, depending on the context, in a casual tone.