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Broadcast date: March 27

Yasai no fukume-ni  (Japanese-style stewed vegetables)

Yasai no fukume-ni (Japanese-style stewed vegetables)


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Kabocha no nimono (Simmered pumpkin)
Kabocha no nimono (Simmered pumpkin)

Instructor Profile: Culinary Specialist, Akiko Watanabe

Akiko Watanabe

Let's Cook Japanese are not only delicious, but also represent the people’s culture and traditions. You may say, “I want to try cooking these dishes, because I don’t have proper ingredients.” Don’t worry! We will show you alternatives you can use. We also welcome your own recipes for Japanese home-style dishes using local produce.

Watanabe has more than 25 years of experience as a culinary specialist. She's famous for her knowledge of Japanese home cuisine, especially those in the more traditional styles. She also has extensive knowledge of the local dishes in various regions across Japan. As a mother of a son, she's devoted to introducing easy-to-cook recipes.

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